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Meet the pioneering people across Marketing, Technology and Science who have partnered with ProQuo to create the future of AI Brand Management.

David Eagleman

David Eagleman is a neuroscientist at Stanford University and an internationally bestselling author. He is co-founder of two venture-backed companies, Neosensory and BrainCheck, and he also directs the Center for Science and Law, a national non-profit institute. He is best known for his work on sensory substitution, time perception, brain plasticity, synesthesia, and neurolaw.

He is the writer and presenter of the international PBS series, The Brain with David Eagleman, and the author of the companion book, The Brain: The Story of You. He is also the writer and presenter of The Creative Brain on Netflix.

Our brains make decisions based on many factors at once: in a sense, we are each a ‘team of rivals’. ProQuoAI is the first company to take on this framework to understand consumer behavior in a way that is compatible with modern neuroscience.”

Sophie Scott

Sophie is the Director of the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, and investigates human communication and the human brain, with an emphasis on the neurobiological basis of vocal communication. She has a background in psychology, biology and cognitive science, and expertise in brain scanning, neurophysiological techniques, psychological experiments, observational studies and cross cultural research. She has pioneered the study of the human voice as a social signal, and has recently started to address the ways that nonverbal emotional expressions like laughter are used socially.

She has published over 130 peer reviewed academic papers, and is a fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences (2012) and a fellow of the British Academy (2016). In 2017, she was the Royal Institution Christmas Lecturer, and in 2020 she was appointed Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for services to neuroscience. 

“I’m delighted to be joining Pro Quo - I have always valued applied psychological science, as it is essential to the development of both theory and practice.  ProQuo have been implementing psychological research in a thoughtful and important way, and I am really pleased to be part of this work. A significant, real-world application of relevant and important neuroscience”

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