Live Market Research platform tracking Brand Equity, Health, and more.


The ProQuo platform fast-forwards brand and research teams into action with a live intelligence solution that measures brand equity, health, and more. 

With ProQuo, you get:

  • Live Brand Equity monitoring, so you know how your equity is tracking versus your competitors. 
  • Daily brand health updates, so you can see how your brand performance changes in real-time.
  • Instant campaign feedback, so you can always make data-driven decisions.
  • Live testing, so you can launch to market quicker.


It's a brand tracker... on steroids. 


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Here's 4 things you'll gain with ProQuo:

Live Equity tracking for your brand and all your competitors. Real-time updates on your brand's equity versus its competitors. 

Understand your performance at a glance.  Track your brand and competitor data in real-time, so you can map out your next moves with ease.  

Know instantly if your campaign is paying off. Monitor campaigns in real-time to know if the moves you’re making are moving your brand in the right direction.

Get to market faster with live testing. Get consumer feedback on your ideas in less than 72 hours, so you can launch with lightning speed. 

We track 200+ B2C brands every day 


How consumer brands are growing through ProQuo


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