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Strategy, Creative Optimization and Brand Monitoring used to be backwards facing, slow and expensive.  Now, you can run your brand in real-time, all in one place.


Benefits of BrandManager:

Brand Strategy & Monitoring

Set your brand's goal, generate a plan and action it. Analyze your brand in real-time, so you know where you stand and what to do to outsmart your competition every day.

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Our Benefits
  • Set your growth goals and generate an AI-powered brand strategy
  • Understand exactly which marketing actions to take to reach your goals
  • Take real-time action and see the immediate gains you make
  • Know, in real-time, how people feel about your brand, competition and category
  • See the instant impact of your marketing with live brand monitoring
  • Monitor your brand awareness and transform into a household name

Creative Optimization

Make sure people love your marketing ideas before they go live. Optimize any idea in hours, so when you press go, your brand grows.

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Our Benefits
  • Optimize any idea, at ay stage of development, to maximize ROI
  • Get results on your ideas, from over 300 people, in only a few hours
  • Ensure your creative ideas align to your brand strategy before you go live 



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