ProQuo x The Copy Club

Free Brand Awareness Tracking & Events Collaboration

We've teamed up with The Copy Club - London’s biggest network of entrepreneurial marketeers - and the result is pretty magic.  


The Collective:
ProQuo x Collaborations

Consistently changing the world of brand management for the better.

"If you’re trying to gain greater distribution, if you’re trying to have more awareness - we’re able to show you how you’re stacking up against your competitors and what people expect from you in the category you’re in."

Nadim Sadek

Founder & CEO | ProQuo AI

"Everything we do at ProQuo AI emulates the way that humans work. In terms of our IP, that is our 16 drivers. Our 16 Drivers are the 16 ways in which people have been proven to relate to brands."

Searsha Sadek

Head of Brand Partners & Human Sciences | ProQuo AI

"We help brands who have never had any exposure to any data on their brand or their competitors understand what their strengths are and what their weaknesses are versus their competition."

Jim Brennan

Managing Director & CRO | ProQuo AI

"Brand managers that use ProQuo AI, understand the instant impact of their marketing campaigns on their brand live - which is something that’s never been able to be done before."

Michael Coden

Head of Marketing | ProQuo AI