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Our Brand Management platform serves up actionable brand guidance daily.  And we've packed some of it into these guides for you to download below!




How To Craft A Killer Trade Story

Got an amazing product but need a hand getting it on shelf? Download our e-Book to learn the ins and outs of creating a compelling trade story to get your brand out into the world.

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How to win the Vegan shopper

From beer to beauty, what matters to consumers and what is behind the cultural shift supporting the boom in vegan brands? As vegan brands have their moment in the sun, here at proquo ai, the Brand Management platform, we wanted to take a look behind the scenes to better understand what’s driving their success.

Discover what Vegan shoppers are feeling about these categories, now.


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COVID-19 Brand Impact Report

Managing a brand is thrilling. There are millions of different decisions you can make over the course of a year to grow a business. But when unprecedented circumstances arise, like we’ve seen with the recent spread of the global COVID-19 virus, what people need from brands can change in a heartbeat.

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