How I build brand empires with Victoria's Secret former CEO

A fireside chat with brand expert, Sharen Jester Turney.

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Sharen Jester Turney created a name for herself at Victoria’s Secret, doubling profits and increasing sales by 70% during her time as CEO. She now lends her expertise to retail and technology giants across the globe, from Gloria Jeans to Marks and Spencer.

And she’s shared her secrets with you in this exclusive fireside chat with ProQuo AI’s very own CEO, Nadim Sadek – a man who’s built his fair share of empires, like global Mobius award-winning whiskey, music and food brand Inish Turk Beg and Sadek Wynberg Research, the world’s largest qual agency.

During this session, Sharen & Nadim went through:

  • How to develop unbeatable strategies to help build your own brand empire
  • Where to invest time and funds to accelerate growth
  • How to find killer opportunity spaces
  • What you need to make it a repeatable process

We hope you enjoy!

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