Is AI cheating? Marketing without the guesswork

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Post Madfest blog

Artificial Intelligence. It’s a technology that’s transforming every walk of life, and it’s finally coming for marketing!

Ground-breaking tech is being developed every day. And humans are now enabled beyond their wildest dreams. Our actions have been supercharged, and with smart tech at our disposal, we’re able to go further, faster. Take the iPhone. No one could have imagined we’d one day have a calculator, unlimited internet, a torch, thousands of games, and the ability to speak to friends and family in other continents, all from one small device. At the time, this product was a total gamechanger.

And now marketing is experiencing an equally revolutionary transformation. Tune in to hear our Founder & CEO as he dives into the impact that AI has had on our world and what it holds for the future of Marketing. 

We hope you enjoy!