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We're a committed bunch of brand leaders, insight experts, marketing directors, data scientists, machine scientists, human scientists, and developers. And we’re on a mission to help brand owners grow and succeed, arming them with a better understanding of how people interact with their brands.




Grow Your Brand

Explore the benefits of our Brand Management platform, and learn how challenger brands are getting bigger, faster. Michael Coden, Head of Marketing at ProQuo AI, explains how brands grow distribution, gain penetration, and optimize campaigns in real time, with our AI-Powered Brand Guidance.

AI-Powered Brand Guidance

Have a look at the inner workings and the intuitive design behind our no-user-training-required platform. ProQuo AI's CTO, Pete Harvey, and Head of Engineering, Steve van Niekerk, explain how we use AI to deliver predictive brand guidance.

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The New Era of Brand Management

At ProQuo AI, we’ve democratized access to brand guidance, making it available to any and every kind of brand. Our CEO and Founder, Nadim Sadek, gives a rundown of how ProQuo AI changes the game for small and medium sized brands globally.


Winning with Always-On Guidance

Why get a quarterly check-up when you can understand how your brand is performing daily? Listen to ProQuo AI's Managing Director, Jim Brennan, to learn about how our Brand Management Platform powers your brand's growth every day.

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How Our 16 Drivers Grow Your Brand

Learn how we transform the art of Brand Management into a science. Head of Human Sciences, Searsha Sadek, talks through ProQuo AI's unique 16 Driver framework and how it has helped brands grow since 2012.

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A Magic Moment For Your Brand

Discover how our Brand Management platform helps your brand get bigger, faster. Our Head of Content, Katie Wrightson, and Presidents of the Americas Brittany Pinney and Brooke Dobson, explain how users of ProQuo AI see their brands grow before their eyes.



Whatever Your Goals, We’ll Help You Reach Them

At ProQuo AI, we help you achieve whatever goals you want to set for your brand. Our Head of Customer Success, Annie Henderson, overviews how our Brand Management platform is helping over 200 brands get bigger, faster.

Witness The Brand Management Revolution

Brands want to grow, faster. Head of Marketing, Michael Coden, explains how we revolutionize Brand Management by democratizing access to daily, AI-Powered Brand Guidance. Whatever your brand is, we are here to help you win!

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Uniting for a Revolution

Between our offices in London, Philadelphia, and Johannesburg we make sure our people stay connected. Each year, we have a full-company "Imbizo" – that's Zulu for "summit."  At this Imbizo, we work together to plan the future of brand management and how our platform will enable brands of all shapes and sizes to grow. Take a look at highlights from our most recent Imbizo, 2020.