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ProQuo AI Releases Annual Top 100 Brand Attraction Index

Over 440,000 individual interactions were made across the U.S. and U.K to create the Index


New York, NY-DATE- Today, ProQuo AI – the AI-powered brand management platform that provides brands with certainty that their marketing spend will lead to positive outcomes – has released the company's annual Top 100 Brand Attraction Index. The Index ranks the top 100 brands that have scored the highest attraction in the United States and the United Kingdom. Leveraging ProQuo AI's Implicit Response Timing (IRT), the company interacted with over 440,000 individuals to determine the Attraction Score, resulting in Peanut Butter brand, Jif, being recognized as the "most attractive brand."


The attraction score for the Index is calculated as a combination of sentiment and response time. Attraction is based on how people experience the brand, and services across the five senses. In the United States, the brands with high scores are women's fashion brands, most notably Kate Spade and Tiffany & Co. In the U.K., chocolate brands including Maltesers, Cadbury, and Terry's Chocolate Orange ranked the highest.


Additional Highlights include:

  • Disinfectant brands, Dettol Fabuloso showed some of the highest increases in attraction with consumers continuing to be affected by Covid-19 related issues and purchasing trends.

  • com saw a positive uptick as some consumers look to prioritize travel with the end of lockdowns.

  • Life, a coworking space company experienced a sizeable score increase as consumers continue to focus on exploring the workplace hybrid model for offices.

  • PB2 had one of the largest increases of any company, fueled by their innovative packaging design that has disrupted the traditional peanut butter category.

  • Lady Gaga experienced a 17.9 percent increase, as a result of the marketing and media attention for her starring role in the House of Gucci movie.

"At ProQuo AI, we've determined there are 16 universal factors that help brands to form strong relationships with their customers, one of those being Attraction. Attractive brands hold immense power over their audiences, seducing customers into buying through strong and appealing visual identities and enticing product offerings. The Attraction Index ranks the best of the best. It provides an instant view to all marketers of exactly who they’re up against," said Nadim Sadek, Founder & CEO of ProQuo AI. 

About ProQuo AI

ProQuo is the first and only brand management platform that harnesses the power of AI to give marketers certainty about the decisions they’re making. On ProQuo, you can feel confident about the marketing investments you’re making, knowing each and every one will result in positive outcomes for your brand.

Every day, ProQuo talks to consumers in your category, understanding how they feel about you and your competition. It’s this always on data that ProQuo’s AI crunches that enables marketers to monitor, create, strategize, and make the right decisions for their brands. With ProQuo AI, you’ll have a clear picture of where your brand stands, and you’ll always know what to do to make your brand the best it can be.


About the ProQuo AI Top 100 Brand Attraction Index

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