Say Hello to the Future of Brand Management

Build your brand strategy.  Create new marketing ideas.

Monitor your brand.  All in real-time, on ProQuo AI.

Every day, ProQuo talks to people in your category, understanding how they feel about you and your competition.
It’s this real-time data that allows marketers to monitor, create, strategize, and know what actions to take next to grow.

ProQuo is powered by AI, so the hard work is done for you.


Custom Action -Plans

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Confident Growth 

Brand Strategy Creative Optimization  Brand Monitoring
Building your brand strategy is made easy on ProQuo. Set your brand's goal, generate a plan and action it in real-time. Make sure people love your marketing ideas before they go live. Optimize any idea in hours, so when you press go, your brand grows. Analyze your brand in real-time, so you know where you stand and what to do to outsmart your competition every day.



Our platform is driven by deep, science-backed principles for the most comprehensive view of your brand on the market.

Better Brand Strategy

Actionable guidance, tailored to grow your brand

ProQuo is different. Our platform provides the actions you can take to grow your brand. Gone are the days of wondering if you’re making the right decisions for growth. With ProQuo, you’re certain.

Build your brand strategy

Better Brand Monitoring

Real-time analysis of your brand, competition and category

Every day, ProQuo gathers feelings and thoughts from real people to understand how they feel about your brand, competition, and category. We use that feedback loop to power our AI brand guidance, so you know you’re always making the best moves.

Monitor your brand & competition

competitive driver scores



Better Creative Optimization

Understand exactly how to optimize your creative assets

You've done a ton of work getting your creative assets ready for primetime, but are you sure they’ll perform the way you intended? With CreativeLab you can launch new creative with confidence. You’ll know exactly what is resonating with your target audience, and how much of an impact it will have on your brand before you launch new marketing initiatives.

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Better Business Planning

Achieve Your Business Goals

The best businesses are driven by the power of their brand – and we’re here to help you grow yours. Whether you’re trying to break into a new retailer, grow your share of shelf, or build a brand people love, ProQuo helps you reach your brand’s fullest potential.

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Harness the Full Power of AI Brand Management

Here’s a look at all the ways BrandManager helps you be more certain of brand management success.


Brand Strategy

Power your brand strategy with ProQuo's AI Brand Guidance

Generate custom action-plans to achieve your marketing goals

Creative Optimization

Maximize your ROI by optimizing any idea, at any stage of development

Get results on any creative idea, from over 300 people, in only a few hours


Brand Monitoring

Understand, in real-time, how people feel about your brand, competition and category

Monitor your brand awareness vs your competition and watch yourself transform into a household name

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