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Whether you are trying to grow market share, fight off a challenger brand or future-proof your brand, we provide you with a custom action plan that delivers sure-fire growth, powered by AI that has looked at how thousands of brands succeed.  

We’ve employed deep neural networks and natural language processing, alongside our engines for Relationship Driver analysis and Marketing Lever actions. Our team of nearly 100 people who make up ProQuo in the US, Europe and Africa are all dedicated to the sciences behind competitive brands – neuroscientific, computer and data. 

The result? Certainty about positive outcomes from marketing investments. Brands running on ProQuo AI are confident they’ll run better.  

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Develop a clear action-plan

Our 14 Levers of Marketing

Faced with almost countless numbers of choices, brand managers need reassurance that the actions they take on their brands will allow them to grow through certainty.  

We lean into your team’s capabilities and our 14 Marketing Levers to build a clear action-plan that guides you to growth. 

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Fuelled by AI

Our 16 Drivers of Relationships

All brands need to know where they stand and to be sure of how to get to their chosen destination. ProQuo employs AI to understand what matters in a category, how your competitors deliver against that, and where your brand fits. 

Our 16 Drivers dig into how people feel and think about your brand, resulting in a clear view of where your brand is strong and where it needs improvement.

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"There’s tons of terrific information here to help us make better decisions faster."

VP Marketing & Business Enablement

“I can tell you that I love it. This is the future.”

VP Global Insights & Research

“ProQuo AI is a psychologist & marketing strategist's dream”

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