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Brands face several major hurdles in their path to becoming a household name. Securing shelf space at retailers, building brand awareness, and increasing user frequency are all tough challenges that brand managers must face head-on if they intend to disrupt or grow their category.

ProQuo AI is the first AI Brand Management platform that is designed to empower brands to understand their market and know the exact actions to take to grow. 

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How ProQuo AI helps you grow your brand

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Build brand awareness

Whether you're trying to deliver on customer expectations or striving to surprise consumers by doing the unexpected, ProQuo will help guide you by surfacing the best ways to build awareness in your category. 

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Grow market share

Take on the leader in your category, or start gaining market share to catch up with your closest competitor. ProQuo will tell you what marketing actions you can take today to close the gap on your competition and strengthen your brand's penetration.







Increase Frequency of Users

Know what actions to take to strengthen your brand's loyalty.  It all starts by building on what your users love about you.  ProQuo will show you exactly where your brand stands and serve you with the decisions you should be making to deepen your relationship with your users.



Recruit non-users

Grow your brand's household penetration by understanding how to turn users in your category into users of your brand.  ProQuo will tell you the marketing actions you need to take to recruit new buyers, helping you to grow your brand right alongside your sales.

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Disrupt the category

If you're ready to shake things up, ProQuo is here to show you how.  Our brand management platform will build you an action-plan detailing what marketing decisions you can take to make your brand its most unique.  You can even generate an action-plan to find a white space opportunity in the category, flipping it on its head.



Generate Brand Reports

Ever needed to create a monthly report for your brand? Struggling to show the impact of a campaign on your business? Having difficulty building a retailer story to show your brand in its best light? ProQuo AI has you covered. In one simple click, our AI Brand Management platform will show you the most compelling narrative to use and build you the slides you need to share this story with your team. 

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Impress investors

Show your investors you mean business by providing a complete, 360-degree view of your business and pathway to success. Articulate your value proposition with an unexpected level of depth and drive the excitement your brand deserves.

Optimize creative assests

Upload any work-in-progress or finished creative assets into our CreativeLab, and understand instantly how to optimize them. In a matter of hours, we'll speak to 300 of yours and your competitors’ customers and provide you with guidance on how to make your assets their absolute best.

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Ready to get growing?  Check out our guides.



Build your brand strategy

Creating the right brand strategy is a critical step towards building and growing a challenger brand. Our action-focused platform helps you surface the best moves to make so you can properly disrupt your space and pull mindshare from your competitors.

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Craft a killer trade story

Any B2C brand that's looking to grow needs to be able to land on retail shelves. The data in ProQuo will help you build compelling trade stories to ensure your products occupy as much shelf space as possible. 

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See how ProQuo can help you build your brand strategy, create new marketing ideas and monitor your brand in real-time.

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