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You're already a creative genius. Let us tell you something you didn't know. 

In a given year, $118B of revenue is generated from agencies and their relationships with their clients in the United States alone. Most of that revenue is won by demonstrating a strong understanding of the client’s brand and expertise of strategic thinking within its category. While it’s easy in Pitches to demonstrate creative prowess, it’s often difficult to surprise clients with exciting new intelligence on their brand which they don’t already know. Well, we’ve changed all that.

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Discover the brand’s opportunity spaces to make your pitch air-tight

With ProQuo AI you can immediately see:

1. What people need most from a category

2. How any brand is performing on those needs

3. Where the competition is strongest and weakest

4. How to make that brand its best, with our AI-Guidance

The result? Straight-forward facts on where a brand stands, and AI-Guidance to back up your Pitch strategy with science.

Add CreativeLab to prove that your creative ideas will deliver against the brand's needs

Upload your work-in-progress or finished assets into CreativeLab and see in days how your Pitch will impact the brand.

We’ll show your ideas to 300 people and provide you data-driven proof that your solutions will deliver the results your client is needing. Our AI-Guidance will help you optimize any idea, before you walk in the door.

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Here's what you get with PitchBuilder

PitchBuilder is available in bundles of 3, 6 or 12 Pitches per year. Each Pitch gives you 1 Month of always-on intelligence on any brand, any competitive set, and any category.

Intel on any brand 

Intel on two competitors

Intel on any category

One month of live intelligence

Male & female splits

Two age demographic splits

User & non-user segments

Brand awareness levels

300 responses from people

Book a demo today to learn more

Agency teams perform their best with ProQuo. We'd love to show you how we can help you win more pitches today.

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