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How to Build Familiarity with Packaging

As people feel your brand becomes known to them, they’ll equally feel your brand is more familiar. Building Familiarity for your brand through Packaging can be most effectively done by making sure that claims language is prominent on the packaging itself, or the surrounding support of the packaging online.


How to Build Differentiation with Communication

Do your communications set your brand apart? In order to be seen as unique in your category, it is essential to communicate to people how special your brand is. Tailoring messaging and building a distinct character are important for building Differentiation. The more you show people how you’re different, the more they’ll go to choose your brand.


How to Build Popularity with Communication

How well your brand performs on Popularity is a measure of how much “buzz” or cultural momentum it has. Communications is a fantastic way to increase your Popularity, as it’s based on how much people feel others use or talk about the brand. The more they think others use it, the more Popular they will perceive it to be.


How to Build Clarity with your Proposition

Clarity is all about how clear people are about the role of your brand in their lives. Your brand needs to have an incredibly clear and motivating purpose, for people to understand the role it plays for them. The consumer-facing version of this purpose is your “Proposition.”


How to Build Performance with Customer Success

Brands with strong Performance fulfill the promise that they make and do so noticeably well. Poor Performance happens when product or service under-delivers what people are expecting from your category or when your product and messaging are misaligned.

Customer Success

How to Build Attraction with Customer Experience

For a brand to have a good Attraction, people must find the look and feel of your brand appealing. You can improve your Attraction by harnessing Customer Experience design at every touchpoint in your customer journey – every interaction is a chance to show off your brand.

Customer Experience

How to Build Aspiration with Customer Experience

Aspiration is a great territory for getting creative! It is all about cultivating a sense of desirability and specialness in your product or service. This shouldn’t be about making your brand aloof or prohibitive, but about creating those unexpected moments of delight.

Customer Experience

How to Build Popularity with Customer Experience

Popular brands are those that lots of people seem to like and that have cultural momentum. You can build your brand’s Popularity through Customer Experience by using your customer journey to identify, amplify and sustain the voices of your biggest brand advocates.

Customer Experience

How to Build Clarity with Promotion

Your brand’s Clarity is how clear the purpose of your brand is in the lives of people. Brands are able to drive their Clarity through Promotions by ensuring that any product discounts are supported across the product experience, providing extra details on how and when the product should be used.