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Case Study: The INKEY List on building strong consumer relationships

See how award-winning skincare brand, The INKEY List used ProQuo AI to deepen their consumer relationships.


5 ways for beauty brands to secure ROI on TikTok

TikTok is a confusing (but also magical) space, where things move quickly, trends come and go, and brand awareness has the potential to skyrocket. Want to find out how your beauty brand can cut through the noise on TikTok to generate killer ROI? Download now.


Webinar: How to make your brand inflation proof

During this webinar, we were joined by Fiona Fitzpatrick - brand consultant, founder, and podcast host of ‘Brand Growth Heroes’, as well as Michael Coden - Head of Marketing at ProQuo AI, to discuss the impact of inflation on brands.


Report: How to inflation proof your brand

Inflation is determined to wreak havoc. But we're here to help. Our report will help you to inflation proof your brand by keeping you on top of changing consumer needs, showing you which categories are at risk and giving you tangible marketing strategies to help keep your brand afloat.


Case Study: Dr Dennis Gross Skincare maximizes ROI on TikTok

For premium beauty brand, Dr. Dennis Gross, investing in a TikTok was a big risk. To understand what Gen Z audiences wanted most from their brand, they needed a better feedback loop with their consumers. See how ProQuo's live creative testing solution gave them this... and so much more.

Case Studies

Market Research: It needs a revamp

Find out why Market Research is pivoting towards technology and which solutions you should be using to supercharge your brand growth.


Men's Cosmetics: Tapping into an untapped market

The men's personal care industry is projected to increase at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 6.1% by 2028. And brands are now making moves towards men. If you want to take advantage of this growth space, download our report now.


Report: Walmart to Amazon – Understanding different shopper profiles

In 2020, grocery stores grew by $280B in 20 global markets. In 2022, it is estimated to generate an additional $440B. What is it that makes consumers gravitate to certain retailers?


Webinar: How to find your brand's white space with Keurig Dr Pepper

Watch our webinar with Keurig Dr Pepper where we went through what a brand needs to do in order to find their white space and how Keurig Dr Pepper did just that! Watch it now on-demand.