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Prove how Marketing drives profits not losses to any CFO

It’s clear there’s a need for a strong relationship between marketing and finance, since they can achieve more together than they can individually. If you want to prove to your CFO that your work is driving profit to the business, have a read.


A framework for creativity and innovation for the Marketer. A fireside chat with Neuroscientist, David Eagleman.

Join Stanford University Neuroscientist and author of The Runaway Species, David Eagleman, for a fireside chat in which he'll answer questions about how marketers can create and innovate ahead of fast-paced, ever-changing, consumer needs.


What the FAQ? How to Build a Brand People Fall In Love With

In the inaugural episode of our new event series, What the FAQ?, we talk through the science behind what makes us love... and leave a brand, and the key ingredients needed to build stronger relationships with consumers.


The ProQuo 100: Brand Integrity Index

Can you name the most trusted brands right now? If so, let’s put this knowledge to the test. Using real-time analysis, we’ve collected data on over 400 brands, across 50 categories to differentiate the trusted from the not-so-trusted. Download our Integrity Leaderboard now, if you want to find out who made the list!


Is AI Cheating? Marketing without the guesswork

Missed us at MAD//Fest? Tune in to hear our Founder & CEO as he dives into the impact that AI has had on our world and what it holds for the future of Marketing.


Healthy Snacks Category Report

The global healthy snacks market is forecast to reach $98B by 2025. Using our ProQuo data, we've identified the trends that are influencing the category, the key motivations driving consumer behavior and the biggest players in this space. Download now to find out where this exciting category is headed.


Artificial Intelligence: The Next Generation of Brand Management

Interested in learning more about how AI can lead to effective decision-making and bring certainty for brand managers? Check out our roundtable event with E-consultancy as we dive into the benefits of AI.


Template: Customer Experience Map

Build an unforgettable brand today. Use this template to map your Customer Experience and uncover opportunities to create memorable moments across the entire customer journey.


Case Study: CleanCo uses ProQuo AI to gain distribution and optimize ATL campaigns

Proving the value of a brand is notoriously difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. See how low and no alcohol brand, CleanCo, used ProQuo AI to prove the impact of their marketing spend.

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