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Challenger 22': The Brand Marketing Forum

Summer events are back on and we can’t wait! We are hosting our first ever in-person event and we want you there. Join us for an evening of networking and drinks with some of the fastest growing brands in the UK.


Men's Cosmetics: Tapping into an untapped market

The men's personal care industry is projected to increase at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 6.1% by 2028. And brands are now making moves towards men. If you want to take advantage of this growth space, download our report now.


Report: Walmart to Amazon – Understanding different shopper profiles

In 2020, grocery stores grew by $280B in 20 global markets. In 2022, it is estimated to generate an additional $440B. What is it that makes consumers gravitate to certain retailers?


Webinar: How to find your brand's white space with Keurig Dr Pepper

Watch our webinar with Keurig Dr Pepper where we went through what a brand needs to do in order to find their white space and how Keurig Dr Pepper did just that! Watch it now on-demand.


HFSS Survival Guide

HFSS is around the corner, so we teamed up with the Government's food strategist, Henry Dimbleby, to understand what this legislation means for brands and to find out how they can prepare.


Webinar: Preparation for the HFSS regulation storm

Tune into our panel discussion with Henry Dimbleby, Lottie Unwin and Annie Henderson about the upcoming HFSS legislation and how brands can start preparing for it.


5 tips for Brand Growth from the former CEO of Victoria's Secret

Read former CEO of Victoria's Secret, Sharen Jester Turney's, 5 top tips to help you grow your brand at a pace.


Webinar: Adweek Challenger Brands Summit - ProQuo AI x Keurig Dr Pepper

Watch our workshop from Adweek: Finding white space by building emotional connections with people through product, with Keurig Dr Pepper.


Template: Find your brand's white space

In this template, you'll be able to map out your brand vs your category and biggest competition. Download our template to to find where the white space opportunity in your category lies.