The science of building your brand

We provide marketers and brand managers with a custom action-plan tailored to their growth goals. Our plans are fuelled by people's feelings and thoughts about the brand, its competition and category. All in real-time.

Let's explore the science that goes into making your brand a success.

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Why we monitor brands the way we do

In today’s world, brands are expected to do more than just appeal to people. They need to form meaningful relationships with them. It’s all about quid pro quo: people expect as much value from brands as brands expect in return.

Our brand management platform is fuelled by a real-time analysis of your brand.  In the last three months alone, we’ve evaluated over 900 brands and gathered over 20,000,000 feelings and thoughts from people.  Our AI interprets this intel and analyzes it to shape your custom action-plan.


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Our 14 Levers of Marketing

From our extensive work and experience in Brand Management, we have identified the 14 key areas of marketing, which we call Levers. Within each, there are plenty of Actions that a brand can take every day, to meet their objectives. Our AI determines exactly which of these is right for your brand today, depending on its data, and your goal.

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Our 16 Drivers of Relationships

Over the last eight years, we’ve discovered 16 factors that, in sum, form the relationship people have with your brand. We call these our 16 Drivers. These Drivers give you granularity into how your brand is performing, what areas need improvement in comparison to competitors, and what you can do to supercharge your brand’s growth.

We break them down in 4 ways: Seduction vs Persuasion as well as Emotional vs Rational.

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How we guide your brand’s growth

Neuroscience research shows that most people make decisions based on their feelings – what we call System 1. They then rationalize these decisions after the fact with System 2 – their thoughts.

System 1 — Feelings

These are subconscious: fast, intuitive, and automatic.

System 2 — Thoughts

These are conscious: slow, deliberate, and rule governed.

Capturing people’s thoughts about a brand is relatively straightforward. Capturing their feelings, however, is notoriously hard. But not for ProQuo AI.

We use Implicit Response Timing when we ask people how they feel about your brand. If they respond quickly, we know they feel strongly about that aspect of your brand. If they hesitate, we know they’re less sure. And if they take too long, we know that they've begun thinking, not feeling. To capture their thoughts in detail, we also ask follow-up questions about your brand.

Taking this ‘Dual Systems’ approach and being rigorous with our data quality ensures you get the most actionable guidance based on what people feel and think about your brand every single day.

Your marketing plan can be built by ProQuo's AI

Don't have the time to dive deep into the data? Just head to ProQuo's Guidance for an AI-powered custom action-plan, built specifically for your brand, by ProQuo's AI. 

Whatever your goal, ProQuo tells you exactly which marketing actions you should take to put you in position to win. No more searching for answers.

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