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ProQuo's AI measures the intentions people have to interact with categories and brands, so you can know how likely people are to buy your products.

Let's explore the science behind our data.

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Why we track brands the way we do

In today’s world, brands are expected to do more than just appeal to people. They need to form meaningful relationships with them. It’s all about quid pro quo: people expect to get more value from these brands than they're putting in.

We measure and optimize relationships between brands and consumers in real-time. Every day, our platforms asks consumers how they feel and think about brands, using a proven framework which is all about relationships.

Gathering these feelings and thoughts helps us to identify where a brand is strong or weak, where hidden opportunity spaces lie within categories and amongst competitive sets, and what next steps these brands should taking to make the most of this. 

In the last three months alone, we’ve evaluated over 900 brands and gathered over 20,000,000 feelings and thoughts from consumers.




The 16 Drivers of Relationships

Through 10 years of scientific research, we’ve discovered 16 factors that, in sum, form the relationship people have with your brand. We call these the 16 Drivers

When we interact with consumers, it's this 16 Driver framework that guides our data collection.

These Drivers give you granularity into how your brand is performing,  showing you what areas need improvement in comparison to competitors and your category, and what you can do to supercharge your brand’s growth. 

Do your consumers think you're more seductive or persuasive? Find out on ProQuo. 

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The 14 Levers of Marketing

From our extensive work and experience in Brand Management, we have identified 14 key areas of marketing. We call these the 14 Marketing Levers, as when you pull the right Lever at the right time with the right Driver, your brand is guaranteed to grow. 

These Levers range from the short term - merchandising, partnerships and promotions - to the long term - communication development, packaging changes and product innovation. And within each of these Levers, there are individual actions brands can take to best meet their commercial objectives.

Our AI helps marketers to determine exactly which actions are right for their brand - based on their live data and their commercial goal.

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How we guide your brand

Let's get into the neuroscience behind consumer decision making. 

95% of purchasing decisions are made via our System 1 - the subconscious part of our brain, which is also where our feelings reside.

Although we use our System 1 to make these decisions, we also rely on our System 2 to rationalize these decisions. This part of our brain activates our conscious thoughts. 

System 1 — Feelings

These are subconscious: fast, intuitive, and automatic.

System 2 — Thoughts

These are conscious: slow, deliberate, and rule governed.

Capturing people’s thoughts about a brand is relatively straightforward. Capturing their feelings, however, is notoriously hard.

But not for ProQuo AI.

We use an industry-leading Implicit Response Timing approach when asking people how they feel about your brand. If they respond quickly, we know they feel strongly about that aspect of your brand. If they hesitate, we know they’re less sure. And if they take too long, we know that they've begun thinking, not feeling.

This form of IRT leads to cleaner data, as it eliminates 20-30% of inaccurate responses compared to the industry standard of 7-8%.

To capture consumer thoughts in detail, we also ask in-depth open-ended questions about each brand. 

Taking this ‘Dual Systems’ approach, being rigorous with our data quality, and applying the 16 Driver framework is what gets your brand the most actionable and accurate data possible.