Optimize your creative assets before launch.


Work with us to understand the impact an asset will have on your brand before it goes live. 

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Asset Testing Projects

You’ve spent hours and thousands of dollars preparing your campaign for launch. But how do you know if your ad creative is optimized for success?

The same applies to new product lines or new packaging. How do you know it’ll catch your consumers’ eye?

With our creative testing project, you’ll be able to answer any question you like. Test up to 3 creative assets and get real consumer feedback, live. Our Brand Partners team will work with you to identify opportunities for your brand, and the next actions to take.

Length of Project & Sample Size: One week, achieving a sample size of 300 respondents per asset evaluated.

Get answers today.


Measure campaign effectiveness in all global regions and languages, on-demand.

It can be a real momentum killer when you have to wait weeks for the results to return.

Cut the wait time with ProQuo. You can speak to 300 consumers about any marketing idea, asset or ad - and your results will come back in a matter of hours. 



See what ProQuo can do for your brand.

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Case Study

Aspall uses real-time data to drive sales growth

The value of real-time data cannot be underestimated. See how Molson Coors uses ProQuo to drive sales growth for cider brand, Aspall. 

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Green Mountain Case study

Case Study

Green Mountain strengthens brand proposition through AI intelligence

See how Keurig Green Mountain decided on a course of action - and validated it - with live consumer feedback.


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