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Build your brand strategy.  Create new marketing ideas.

Monitor your brand.  All in real-time.  All on ProQuo AI.

Every day, ProQuo talks to people in your category to understand how they feel about you and your competition.
It’s this real-time data that allows marketers to monitor, create, strategize, and know what actions to take next to grow.

ProQuo is powered by AI, so the hard work is done for you.

“I can tell you that I love it. This is the future.”
- Global VP, Keurig

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Building a Brand Strategy for
15% Year on Year Sales Growth
"Because of ProQuo's action-plans, we understand the market on a deeper level and know what to focus on for the future. We're already seeing huge progress."

Rock Face
Head of Brand & Innovation

Optimizing Creative Ideas for
600% increase in sales
“ProQuo’s CreativeLab gives us comprehensive results, in hours, on which creative the public will like best. We’ve used it for our ATL campaign this year, and the results have been phenomenal."

Head of Marketing

Real-Time Brand Monitoring for
125% increase in sales
“ProQuo has helped us be more certain about our marketing decisions. It provides evidence to justify our brand strategy.

No3 Gin
No.3 Gin
International Brand Manager

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Get certain on how to grow

There are thousands of decisions brand managers can take to grow. But how do you know which are right for you, right now? That's where ProQuo comes in.

Marketers on ProQuo monitor, create, strategize, and know what actions to take next to grow their brands in real-time.

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Optimizing Campaigns Live for
Guaranteed Marketing ROI
“We can see the immediate impact of our campaigns as they’re happening. That means, we can understand instantly whether or not the assets we’ve produced, and put money behind, are best connecting with our audience.”

Pip & Nut
Pip & Nut
Head of Marketing

Increasing in-store distribution for
50.3% Dollar Sales Growth
"Without the platform, we wouldn’t have gained traction with America's largest retailer. They were really impressed with our data, as it showed a clear correlation between marketing spend and impact."

American Flatbread
American Flatbread
Director of Marketing

Monitoring in Real-Time for
12% unit sales growth
"Finally, I can monitor the impact of our marketing activities, down to the day. ProQuo AI guides us every step of the way, enabling us to optimize our budget and justify our marketing spend."

Miso Tasty
Miso Tasty

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Generate a custom marketing plan

Our 14 Levers of Marketing

Set your brand's growth goals and our AI will power you with a custom marketing plan. You'll know, daily, which marketing actions you should be taking and what moves you should be making for your brand to be its best.

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Fuel your marketing plan with Real-Time Analysis

Our 16 Drivers of Relationships

ProQuo's brand management platform is powered by a real-time understanding of how people feel and think about your brand versus your competition, in your category.

ProQuo's unique 16 Drivers of brand relationship allow our AI to generate a custom action-plan for your brand.  You'll not only know what marketing actions to take to reach your growth goals, but exactly which Drivers you should be focusing on to grow your brand. 

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