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ProQuo AI is revolutionizing the world of marketing.

Fast-forward your brand teams into action with a live consumer intelligence platform that shows you where to focus and what to do next.


Our technology gets into the minds of +1 million consumers each month, transforming their instinctive feelings about brands into actionable data which you can immediately run with to manage your brand. 

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“I can tell you that I love it. This is the future.” - Global VP, Keurig



Join the 1,000+ brands on ProQuo AI 


Everything you need to manage your brand - in one platform.

The most important elements of marketing housed under one roof. 

Deepen your connections with consumers. Be the first to know if your competitors  are making moves. Keep up momentum with creative testing results, in hours. And so much more.

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Data that knows your category, consumers and competitors inside out. 

There's no shortage of data out there, but how much of it actually measures purchase intent?

95% of purchase decisions are made by people within their subconscious System 1. This is known as gut instinct.

On ProQuo, we access the System 1 every day by gathering the feelings consumers have on brands, competitors and categories. Our AI crunches this daily stream of data - analyzing and interpreting it for you.

Gone are the days of analysis paralysis.  On ProQuo, you can fast-forward your brand into action.

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Customers on ProQuo get results.

Relaunching a brand strategy,
resulting in 12.5% brand growth
"The strategic guidance from the team at ProQuo AI has helped us to identify new opportunities for our brand."

Marketing Controller

Maximizing ROI on Tik Tok to grow
average order value by 400%
“It's such a game changer having access to data that proves my ROI before launch. This has encouraged our brand to take more creative risks."

Dr Dennis Gross
Dr. Dennis Gross
VP of Digital

Deepening consumer relationships and growing connection by 6%
"I would say ProQuo is literally our brand team's 'ride or die'. Every decision we make in marketing goes through ProQuo first."

The INKEY List
CEO and Co-Founder
Multi-Award Winning Brand Management Platform

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