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Grow Your Brand with Confidence on ProQuo

Our platform's AI analyzes your brand, every day from every angle, giving you a custom action-plan for sure-fire growth.

Just set your brand's goals in ProQuo and we'll tell you the exact actions you should take to get bigger, faster.  You'll know where your brand stands – and what to do to win – all in real time.

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Real-Time Analysis Meets
Custom Action Plans for Brands

ProQuo serves up 24/7 analysis of how people feel about your brand, category and competition. 

And our AI customizes brand guidance, telling you the actions you should take to improve your brand's performance.

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Hundreds of Today's Brands are Running on ProQuo AI

"We use ProQuo to drive our decisions. Because it’s always on, we optimise our marketing messaging weekly, so it stays disruptive and continues to resonate with our audience."

Better Nature
Elin Roberts

"Finally, I can track the impact of our marketing activities, down to the day. What messages should I focus on? Are we being memorable? And most importantly, is it driving sales? ProQuo Al guides us every step of the way."

Miso Tasty
Bonnie Cheung

“Just in a few months, it's become part of day to day routine and we’re checking it constantly. It’s something which I can only see having more and more of an impact the more we use it.”

Charlie Elek
Managing Director


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Brand Managers perform at their best with ProQuo AI.

Like having a website, our state-of-the-art Brand Management Platform is an essential technology for any business that's serious about running a brand.  

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Put your brand’s growth on fast-forward

Boost your brand from market contender to household name with ProQuo AI.

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Optimise your marketing campaigns

Track your marketing campaigns and adapt them in real-time.

Grow your distribution

Use our clear visualizations to show retailers why your brand’s worth stocking.

Stay alert and ahead

Know what people are saying about your brand – and your competitor’s– on a daily basis.

Build your brand growth strategy

Know how you’re performing in your category and watch your brand grow.

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