Explain & predict which of your marketing works and why… in real time.


Say goodbye to post-campaign analyses or static brand trackers.


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With ProQuo AI's live consumer intelligence platform, you can be more certain your marketing dollars go further.

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Be the first to know when your competitors make a move. 

Periodic dips are a thing of the past.

Some brands in your category are constantly shaking things up. How do you know who to pay attention to?

ProQuo tracks your competition and category every day. So you can tell the difference between a passing fad and an accelerating trend.

Speak to your consumers, and get responses back in hours. 

Market Research on tap. In all global regions and languages.

It can be a real momentum killer when you have to wait weeks for the market research to return.

Cut the wait time with ProQuo. You can speak to 300 consumers about any marketing idea, asset or ad - and your results will come back in a matter of hours. 

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Strengthen your emotional connection with consumers. 

Build loyalty with your audience.

Consumers are 3-4 x more likely to purchase brands they feel emotionally connected to.

We monitor the emotional connection brands and categories have with consumers, every day, providing real-time insights to help you build stronger loyalty with your audience.

Get to market faster with live monitoring and testing. 

Launch and learn. 

It can sometimes feel impossible to get anything into market when you're constantly having to test and iterate to ensure it's perfect pre-launch. 

On ProQuo, not only do you get access to live creative testing to speed up this process. You can also see the instant impact of all of your creations - allowing you 'launch and learn', while these assets are in market. 

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