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Our ProQuo AI Brand Management platform is designed to help your brand get bigger, faster. A key component of this offering is awareness tracking. 


Keep tabs on Brand Awareness.

If you're interested in keeping eyes on your brand awareness, ProQuo AI can help – we offer both unprompted and prompted awareness tracking.

Understand how front of mind your brand is to customers of your category with unprompted awareness tracking. Learn how successfully you’re reaching the audiences that use products or services like yours with prompted awareness. Discover the value of both together with our awareness tracking feature.

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24/7 Brand Awareness Software for brand management

Our ProQuo AI brand awareness tracking collects consumer data 24/7, helping you understand the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, gain distribution, drive penetration, stay alert and ahead of the competition, and land the innovations your category is craving.

ProQuo AI shares its data intelligence on your brand, your key competitors and your category, daily, keeping you always in a position to win.

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So, are you ready to try our Brand Awareness Tool? 

  • We'll spin up a brand awareness questionnaire on your brand and competition
  • We'll tell you, daily, your prompted and unprompted awareness
  • Get AI-Powered growth driving guidance to keep your brand in position to win