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Our platform is packed full of useful features to take your brand further, faster.

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AI-Powered Brand Guidance

Our AI simplifies Brand Management, telling you each day, which moves are the best ones to make for growth.  After all, managing a brand is exhilarating and there are millions of different decisions you could make. On ProQuo AI we help you always make the best moves.

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Optimize Creative in Hours

Upload any work-in-progress or finished creative assets into our CreativeLab, and understand instantly how to optimize them.  In a matter of hours, we'll speak to 300 people and provide you with guidance on how to make them their very best! 

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LIVE Summary Dashboard

Build your brand strategy and get it served on a page with our intuitive summary dashboard.  It gives you a simple, everyday picture of where your brand stands versus your competition.  Our dashboard will also keep a LIVE running tally of the people we’ve gathered data from today, this month and all-time.


Distribution Driver: 
Brand & Competition Monitor

Get your brand into more stores and onto more shelves.  Spot white space opportunities for innovation and build retailer stories which showcase your brand’s strength versus the competition.  Your ProQuo AI platform will show how your brand is performing against our 16 Drivers – and against your key competitors – day in, day out. 

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Campaign Optimizer & Event Tracker

Max your marketing’s ROI to ensure every penny you spend counts.  ProQuo AI shows you the instant impact of your marketing activities, letting you optimise campaigns in real time.  Say goodbye to pre & post campaign reports.  LIVE Campaign tracking and optimization is here.



24/7 Consumer Conversations & Social Listening

Stay alert and ahead of your competition with our Conversations feature. We ask your customers what they like and dislike about your brand, so you know what you need to do to accelerate growth. 

We also ask the customers of your key competitors, so you know their strengths and weaknesses.  We've even got you covered across social media conversations too.

Prompted & Unprompted Awareness Tracking

Keep your brand front-of-mind and transform it from a market contender to a household name.  Our prompted and unprompted awareness tracking is available for your brand and up to 20 other competitors in your category! 



Brand Impact Monitor

Always keep up to date on the changing dynamics of your category so you can pivot on a dime.  When major events occur, ProQuo AI is there.  Our LIVE COVID-19 monitor is helping brands understand how the pandemic is affecting their categories, so they know how to respond fast.

Trade Story Builder

Download simple, slick and intuitive charts straight into trade presentations. Confidently build clear and compelling retailer stories that easily demonstrate your brand’s competitive strength to buyers. Show how your brand’s proposition is resonating with your consumers and how you’re best placed to meet consumers’ needs.

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