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How we relate to brands is driven by fundamental human-condition things

Like whether we relate to how they conduct themselves, whether they understand how we feel, if we find them transparent and whether we feel they do the right thing, or if we are bowled over by how they bring new thoughts into our lives. Of course, this is alongside whether they are well distributed, easy to use, good value for money and deliver on what they promise to do.

At ProQuo, informed by neuroscience and the rigorous study of over 1,000 brands, we’ve developed a system of brand analysis which starts from an understanding that, beyond simply delivering functionally, brands which succeed are always the ones with the strongest relationships.

This Analysis system is what we refer to as the ’16 Drivers’ – those things which lead us to feel we have a positive quid pro quo with a brand: a fair exchange.

The Action system, developed with AI, enables that matrix of 16 Relationship Drivers to be put to positive use by brand managers in their everyday roles.

They need to develop communications strategies, sort out pricing, think through promotions, identify a product innovation pipeline, deliver merchandising, and a host of other things. In fact, we’ve identified that there are 14 Levers to pull in marketing, helping brand managers bring a brand to market, build it, and develop a sustainable business.

16 Drivers to Analyse your brand, 14 Levers to take marketing Action to ensure you and your brand become the best it can be.

In this guide we’ll walk you through those 16 Relationship Drivers and give a few examples of some of the Marketing Levers you can pull to build a brand people fall in love with.

16 Driver Guide

What is this Driver?

This Driver is all about how your brand presents itself, and the senses, the aesthetics – the look, feel, even the smell or sound of your brand. Think about how your consumer encounters and experiences your brand; about every single touchpoint they have with your brand.


Brands That Do It Well

Attraction Brands

01 | Apple

Everything from the in-store environment, the ergonomics of the packaging to the design of the Apple products themselves is aesthetically pleasing.

02 | Hotel Chocolat

Both the in-store and online experience of Hotel Chocolat is irresistibly attractive; they play on all the senses – taste, smell, luxurious packaging and a gifting experience that delights.

03 | Away

Clean lines in both the design of the products, in-store and across their digital channels mark Away as visually arresting and appealing.

Levers Which Build an Attractive Brand:

Attraction lever icon

Packaging: You might need to embark on a whole refresh of your packaging, or it could just be minor cosmetic tweaks to improve your brand’s appeal. Think about what appeals to your target audience, and what will stand out to them, and ensure your brand’s personality shines through whatever packaging changes you make. Think about who your brand is and how that can be brought to life through packaging.

Customer Experience


Customer Experience: Every touch point in your customer journey is an opportunity to show off your brand’s Attraction. Think through how to offer a unique experience, either through new media channels or an activation to surprise and delight. Your customer experience should stimulate the senses and reinforce their appeal behind your brand’s character, values, and ambitions.



Proposition: What your brand promises to people is important to shine through how your brand looks and feels. Every visual expression of your brand should reflect and underpin your proposition. Your brand’s value, purpose and personality should be integrated visually and tonally throughout the brand identity. Clear, stringent, detailed and consistent guidelines on your brand will ensure you build Attraction over time.


What is this Driver?

Aspiration is about how special and desirable people feel your brand is. Any brand, in any category can be high on Aspiration. There’s something in making people feel excited about a brand; thinking that this is a brand to be seen in company with.


Brands That Do It Well

Aspiration Brands

01 | Nike

Think of Nike and it’s not just their products that spring to mind, which are beautifully designed and coveted as a result, but the brand is also synonymous with an aspirational lifestyle - empowering people to ‘just do it’.

02 | Fabletics

Co-founded by Kate Hudson, Fabletics provides high quality athleisure wear that is ‘Kateapproved’, marking them out as a brand that isn’t only aspirational in its product line but also through its celebrity endorsement.

03 | Sipsmith

Sipsmith carved out a special space for themselves in the spirits market by bringing craft gin to the fore. Leading the craft gin movement and creating a community of fans through their ‘Sipping Society’ sets them apart as an Aspirational brand.

Levers Which Build an Aspirational Brand:



Communication: Associate yourself with aspirational brands or scenarios and borrow from their credentials. This could be through a partnership or perhaps there’s a place that people in your category look up to. Using those cues in your communication will halo onto your brand and will add to your Aspiration! Explore through communication how you can drive the specialness of your brand. This can sometimes be done by making it feel exclusive, or even scarce somewhat. When communicating on pack, make sure your design is aesthetically stimulating and special; people want to feel proud of the brands they buy as brands are often a reflection of their own tastes.



Packaging: Think about how your brand looks at shelf or online - does it stand out from the pack? Is there something about your packaging which draws people in, if not, what can be changed? Think too about ways in which you can delight customers once they have your product at hand - the way it opens and closes, the textures you use, the sounds you use - these can all aid your brand’s Aspiration. Finally, run the in-home shelf test: would people feel proud to display your brand at home? Your packaging needs to feel aspirational enough for people to show off themselves.



Distribution: Start by looking at the depth and breadth of your brand’s distribution. Avoiding retailers which discount heavily is something to consider in terms of eroding the specialness of your brand. The same goes for geographies - perhaps there are certain locations which fit with your brand’s Aspirational appeal over others. Exploring alternative and non-traditional channels will also be key to elevating your brand’s premium appeal. Lastly, location at shelf or online is an important factor and can impact how special your brand feels.tonally throughout the brand identity. Clear, stringent, detailed and consistent guidelines on your brand will ensure you build Attraction over time.


What Is This Driver?

This Driver is all about your brand being seen as forward thinking. Brands doing well on this driver are either those disrupting an old category, inventing a new one or are always iterating and finding new ways of doing things.


Brands That Do It Well

01 | Dyson

From the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner to bladeless fans, Dyson doesn’t stop finding new ways to turn regular household products into feats of world-class engineering.

02 | Bird Rides

As pioneers of shared e-scooters, Bird are revolutionising the way people travel in cities. They also lead the way with their in-app rider education programme as well as discounted rides for low-income residents, veterans and seniors.

03 | Wow Hydrate

With their ‘push-cap’ technology which stores and releases vitamins at their optimal temperature, Wow Hydrate provide a new way to stay hydrated and healthy. Backed by scientists, their innovative approach to hydration sets them apart in the booming wellness category.

Levers Which Build an Innovative Brand:

Product Change


Product Change: Capitalizing on trends and staying ahead of the competition is key to building innovation and sustaining it. Take cues from your target audience and any changes in their mindset to work out what changes you should make - it might have to do with sustainability, and switching up your packaging, or changing an ingredient to align with the trend towards organic. Ensuring your New Product Development (NPD) pipeline has products that are bold, disruptive, eye-catching, and against the grain will see your Innovation soar.



Price: People will feel your brand is Innovative when you are available in multiple formats, in multiple sizes, and across multiple price points. This serves two purposes – strengthening your brand’s Innovation and increasing your mass appeal. When it comes to new product launches (which naturally drive your brand’s momentum), keeping prices stable in the short term is key. Launching something new to market often gets your brand featured on promotional display units, so discounting or changing the price of your product from the onset is not necessary. When your product is new and brings something different to the market people should pay in full for it.

Product Delivery


Product Delivery: Forward-looking brands are finding ways to keep buyers in the loop from beginning to end. When an order is processed, to packed, to ready for dispatch, to out with courier for delivery. Innovative and thought-leading brands are at the forefront of modern technology, so if your product is delivered, you need to make sure it’s a frictionless and speedy experience for consumers. Consider ways you can personalize and customize the delivery experience to make that first-touch moment all the more memorable, too.


What is this Driver?

This Driver is about whether a brand understands a person’s needs. It’s a far more personal Driver than connection which is about how someone relates to behaviours. This is more about the degree to which a brand understands peoples wants and needs.


Brands That Do It Well

Empathy Brands

01 | Airbnb

Wherever you go, Airbnb has a place for you. They provide flexibly priced residences for vacations, work trips, in-law visits, etc., tapping into the basic human desire to have a comforting, homey resting place wherever we are in the world.

02 | Siete Family Foods

A mission-based company, Siete Family Foods demonstrates a strong passion for making and sharing real food, gathering together in authentic community, and advocating for healthier lifestyles among Latino families.

03 | Natural Balance

If you’re snacking on-the-go, most people look for easy-to-carry options that pack a lot of flavor and energy in a small bar or bite. Natural Balance snacks have re-invented on-the-go snacking with their range of bars and bites that contain only whole, natural ingredients that still provide plenty of good taste and energy-boosting nutrition.

Levers Which Build an Empathetic Brand:



Price: To meet people’s needs, you need to make sure you have a set of products available at various prices – that way, whoever wants your product is able to get it in some form. Be mindful of whether the benefits of your products are meeting consumers’ needs for the price you are asking. Flexible pricing adjustments allow you to react quickly in moments that matter, making your brand more Empathetic towards any and all circumstances. Consider your brand’s ability to discount for particular segments of people or at particular moments of the year when people need it most.

Customer Success


Customer Success: Although it may seem obvious, it’s important to know your customers intimately - what problems your customers are trying to solve, the occasions they interact with a product or service like yours, and what motivates them to buy. You should be collecting intelligence at every interaction, from customer feedback to patterns of behavior, to determine where you can anticipate needs before they occur. You can make upsells and cross sells part of the consumer journey by identifying natural moments where you customers are looking for more.

Customer Service


Customer Service: By listening, understanding, and actioning customer requests and queries, you have the opportunity to demonstrate Empathy and turn moments of friction into positive interactions with your customers. When fielding customer service requests or questions, make sure the tone of voice makes people feel “heard.” You should consistently deliver what the customer wants, the way they want it delivered. And don’t forget to add a personalized follow-up after a customer conversation or service interaction to show you listened and care about them!


What is this Driver?

Performance is all about your brand’s delivery. Delivery against what has been promised; what is expected. If you say your brand delivers refreshment, then performance will tell you whether people agree. It is the only Driver that changes its meaning according to the brand in question and its category.


Brands That Do It Well

Performance Brands

01 | Red Bull

Their famous tagline is “Red Bull gives you Wings”. A metaphor they have been using for years to emphasize the power of their brand’s performance. It gives you so much energy, you feel like you’re flying. This brand delivers performance by providing a product that promises consumers they’ll get the pick-me-up they need to get through each day.

02 | UNTUCKit

UNTUCKit has transformed a common pain for men into a fashion gain by promising to provide a shirt that looks great even when left untucked. By crafting a high performance, tailored fit, with a finished hemline for each shirt, they fulfill their promise to keep men looking comfortably stylish on every occasion.

03 | Graze

Graze delivers delicious and wholesome snacks packaged and ready to go for convenience. They focus on delivering against health and taste without sacrifice to catering towards people’s busy, daily lives. Their nutritious, on-the-go, snacks deliver on their promise and meet a real performance need for consumers: A tasty, healthy snack.

Levers Which Build a Performance Brand:



Communication: Communication is key when delivering your brand’s promise and how it aims to fulfill that promise. To build performance credentials, you need to ensure that your brand’s delivery aligns with what you have promised and communicated. Avoid using hyperbolic, over-claims or making promises your brand cannot keep. Driving your brand’s performance through communication is all about delivering on your core promise through seductive and persuasive messaging.

Product Change


Product Change: Sometimes improvements to Performance can be done through changing your product. Product alterations or enhancements can help ensure your brand delivers on its core promise. As times change and new technologies become available, it’s important to keep your product current so it continues delivering at a high calibre.

Product Delivery


Product Delivery: Product delivery plays an important role in your brand’s Performance and can enhance the success of delivering your brand’s promise. Creating a frictionless delivery can impact how the Performance of your brand is perceived. Get it wrong, and your product is already starting off on the back foot. Consider how your brand can keep its promise throughout the delivery process via email or mobile notifications and updates on delivery timings.


What is this Driver?

This Driver is about providing for the wants and needs of the buyer. Does your brand have a purpose which in some way is beneficial? This isn’t just a matter of inventing something that fulfills a need. It’s more about how you take your product to people, making it the most Relevant in its category – because you understand the need most.


Brands That Do It Well

Relevance Brands

01 | IKEA

The mother of all showrooms! Before you even enter the part of the store where you can physically put products in your cart, IKEA guides you through an entire floor of perfectly setup rooms that you can easily picture in your own home.

02 | Dave’s Killer Bread

Whole wheat bread has become extremely relevant and a staple for many households. Dave’s Killer Bread does so much more than tick the whole wheat bread box – it offers health-conscious consumers a great-tasting product they will enjoy more than the less healthy carb options.

03 | Parsley Box

As we move into a new way of living, many people are looking for easy and convenient options. Parsley Box is Relevant by providing a safe and convenient option for those who would rather stay safely at home. They bring ready to go meals straight to your door.

Levers Which Build a Relevant Brand:

Target Audience


Target Audience: By segmenting your target audience, you can build an understanding of their needs and wants, remaining Relevant across the types of media, promotions, and creative directed towards them. First up: be where they are. Use the right channels to land your product with your target audience. Don’t only segment by demographic information like age and location – get inside the minds of your target audience and speak to their interests and values. Remaining Relevant is also key to driving repeat purchase, so bear in mind the growth potential within the specific segment you choose.

Customer Service


Customer Service: Increase brand relevance by ensuring that your customers not only understand your product and service but can maximize the value they get from it. Help them navigate your brand so you can fast-track their value discovery and actively demonstrate how you meet their needs. Your customer content should showcase all the ways your product can be used, especially if you can highlight your existing customers. Lastly, be sure your Customer Services team is well-trained to bring up additional benefits and use cases to drive value.



Merchandising: Merchandising campaigns are a great way to build Relevance, especially if you collaborate with an individual or group who your target audience feels is relevant. An easy way to effectively integrate your product or service into your target customers’ everyday lives could be through displays or sampling at outdoor events like festivals, concerts and sporting events. You could also collaborate with another brand in your target sphere and build relevance through association. This works especially well if both brands can offer something unique and special to the other.


What is this Driver?

Clarity is a purposeful Driver and is about knowing exactly what role your brand plays in people’s lives. Ask yourself: what is your brand absolutely perfect for? What is your brand’s role in a buyer’s repertoire? Be sure to articulate your brand’s purpose inside your own organisation first. If you are not clear about who and what you are, the outside world will not be.


Brands That Do It Well

Clarity Brands

01 | Uber

When looking at the role that Uber plays in our lives, there’s no doubt or confusion. Uber have managed to build a brand that simply promises: “Get a Ride in Minutes.”

02 | Stitch Golf

Stitch’s singular focus on the world of golf helps customers know exactly what role it plays. From golf accessories to apparel, the brand never strays from its core mission – to make golfers look and feel their best.

03 | Gymshark

Using fitness-obsessed influencers as its sole awareness-driving initiative, Gymshark has quickly catapulted itself into the winner’s circle. If you look to social media, you’ll see thousands of top trending accounts promoting how Gymshark apparel and accessories can improve your gym or fitness routine.

Levers Which Build a Brand With Clarity:



Communication: Communications allow you to illuminate just how perfectly you fit into people’s lives. To start, you need to have a clearly articulated purpose that unifies all of your brand’s activities, from social to PR to design and beyond. You should understand what people are looking for from a brand in your category and clearly communicate where the space is for you to fill. In a more concrete way, make sure it’s clear to consumers the circumstances which your brand is perfect for (i.e. how to use it). Share what you can give them that other brands can’t!



Proposition: It’s essential that your proposition demonstrates a clear, relevant need in the lives of your consumers and that you use clear, accessible language to communicate it. You should be able to use your purpose everywhere in your brand. Over time, it will naturally become clearer to your customers what your brand is, so make sure it’s flexible enough to easily guide New Product Development (NPD), communications, and recruitment.



Distribution: Increasing your Clarity through distribution involves making sure the placement of your brand is in the most appropriate category and is found alongside similar brands with aligned purposes. Think critically about your placement – if your product crosses categories, choose the one that best fits your purpose. Association can also help drive Clarity, so you can choose to be placed near similar, more well-known brands. When it comes to online, specifically, make sure your product is recommended in extensions like “goes well with” and “people also purchased” to drive home the role your brand plays in people’s lives.


What is this Driver?

This may seem like an easy Driver to understand. It’s a long word but the clue is embedded in it – different. Just how much does your brand stand out from the crowd? This Driver concerns a brand’s uniqueness in its category.


Brands That Do It Well

Differentiation Brands

01 | Slack

Slack is a communication platform that markets itself with the line – welcome to your new HQ. Its positioning as a solution superior to email is a clear differentiator, and promises ‘an easier, more organized way to work’.

02 | Supergoop!

Protecting your skin doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice feeling good, Supergoop understands this and has a unique solution. This brand has found a way to stand out from the crowd by launching the first eyeshadow with SPF, providing consumers with confidence and protection at the same time.

03 | Allbirds

Allbirds combine comfort and sustainability into one with their stylish and practical range of shoes. This brand stands out by providing shoes that are not only comfortable but are made from nature, reducing their overall carbon footprint while still providing a high-quality product.

Levers Which Build a Differentiated Brand:

Product Change


Product Change: When trying to differentiate yourself it’s important to identify what sets you apart from other players in the same category. Changing your product can sometimes help drive Differentiation, but you first need to determine what aspects will position your brand in a unique way. Understanding the trends within the category is important when trying to find new ways your product can be used and adapted to make a difference.

Target Audience


Target Audience: Understanding the wants and needs of your target audience is an essential part of differentiating your brand. It is important to understand where your competitors are delivering, and identify opportunities where needs are unmet. By understanding that, your brand can determine whether there is space for Differentiation and whether there are new audiences to target based on category trends.



Proposition: Taking a deep look at your brand, identify where the heartland of your specialness is. What makes you who you are? While you explore that, consider whether your proposition is in fact unique: to your brand and the category. If it is, fantastic – but if it isn’t, there might be some work to do. Understanding what people need from the category and which needs are being met by the competition will reveal potential open-goal opportunities for your brand within unmet spaces.

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What is this Driver?

Connection is all about how a brand behaves and whether your consumers can relate to this. This is less about your innate proposition and much more influenceable by your brand’s responses and actions. Think about what your target market is motivated by and what are your brand’s behaviours around these?


Brands That Do It Well

Connection Brands

01 | Whole Foods Market

The Whole Foods Market brand is synonymous with clean and ethical eating. As consumers have become more conscious of the quality and source of their food, Whole Foods has continuously elevated standards for the food industry as a whole.

02 | Billie Inc.

This brand is known for having women’s best interests at heart. Billie's world-renowned razor technology accounts for the unique hair removal requirements women have compared to men and conventional razors. The brand also firmly stands against the unfair practice of inflating the price of women’s beauty products - tackling the Pink Tax head on.

03 | Love Raw

Love Raw is so much more than chocolate for vegans. It’s a company looking to bring vegan best practices of transparency and sustainability of ingredients, to non-vegans, without any compromise on taste.

Levers Which Build a Brand With Connection:



Communication: Communication is a key mechanism through which brands can articulate the causes and priorities that matter most to them. The key is to establish a brand personality that consumers can relate to. A thoughtful and deliberate social media strategy, which pulls on real-life causes happening around the brand and its consumers, can be effective in creating a meaningful connection.



Promotion: Turning your promotions – especially if they’re seasonal or linked to major events – into campaigns for your brand, will help drive connection. Consider using imagery and talent in trade magazines or on promotional display units that people can relate to. When advertising in store, speak like a human across all of your materials, without jargon or unnecessary frills, to make your brand appear down-to-earth and easier to connect with.



Proposition: Your proposition is your brand drawing its line in the sand. And an opportunity to practice what it preaches. It is the most scalable way for you to relate to your customers and to take a stance which people would connect with. If your consumers care about sustainability, show them it matters to you too through your behaviors. For example, by not taxing the environment when your product is disposed or by structuring your product in a manner which minimises wastage.


What is this Driver?

This Driver is all about doing the right thing, however this can ironically mean very different things. Your brand’s Integrity needs to spring from your brand’s core ethos. It must be unwavering and authentically true to that. Any brand with high levels of Integrity will be seen to have a real purpose and voice.


Brands That Do It Well

Integrity Brands

01 | Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s is a well-known and completely delicious producer of ice cream, but the brand does so much more than provide sweet treats. They’re involved with issues such as climate change, inequality, Fairtrade and the protection of refugees.

02 | Sun Bum

This brand of sunscreen is disrupting the sunscreen category with its line of gluten-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free sunscreens. In recent years, it’s been discovered that sunscreens with harsh chemicals are impacting the coral reefs in the ocean, and Sun Bum is one of the first brands to come out with a completely reef-friendly sunscreen.

03 | teapigs

The teapigs brand is all about real, quality tea, sourced sustainably, in packaging that’s better for the environment. Additionally, they actively give back to the communities that create their products.

Levers Which Build a Brand With Integrity:



Packaging: Your packaging should be made of high-quality elements and should demonstrate thought, without having any part of it feel wasteful. Using 100% recyclable materials or promoting the sustainability of your packaging is a great way to increase Integrity. You can also use your packaging to promote the societal or social impact your brand is having on the world.

Customer Experience


Customer Experience: When looking to demonstrate Integrity in your Customer Experience, it’s important to make sure the way your Sales and Marketing functions are positioning your product and service matches what your customers actually experience. Listen to your customer feedback to identify any areas you may be falling behind in Integrity. And consider how your internal business culture is impacting – positively or negatively – your customer experience. The happier the employees, the better the customer experience!



Proposition: Make sure that the promise your brand makes to people is one that it can live and deliver. Are there areas you can present your brand as more honest than your competitors? Lean into them in a clear, concise way so people know you have the right intentions. Also, make sure any CSR initiatives serve to reinforce your position, rather than lead it.


What is this Driver?

This Driver focuses on openness and honesty. Do people feel they can see inside your brand? The more people feel they know about every aspect of a brand the more Transparent they will consider it to be.


Brands That Do It Well

Transparency Brands

01 | Chipotle

Not many fast-food brands actively promote where their ingredients come from. Chipotle is proof that you can offer consumers a quick, satisfying, cost-effective meal with fresh ingredients you don’t have to hide. Putting trust at the center of its brand strategy is key to Chipotle’s disruptive standing in the fast-casual dining category.

02 | Crook & Marker

With the brand slogan, ‘Different is what we do. A difference is what we make.’, Crook & Marker aspires to deliver a wide range of bold-flavored alcoholic drinks – with good-for-you ingredients. With its signature Organic Supergrain Alcohol, the brand is paving the way for health-conscious social drinkers to enjoy a guilt-free buzz, no matter their drink preference.

03 | RXBAR

No need to squint! RXBAR leaves little to the imagination when it comes to what’s inside. The contents of each snack are boldly listed on the front of the packaging, boasting natural, clean elements. For good measure, the brand even tells you how many of each ingredient is used in each package.

Levers Which Build a Transparent Brand:



Communication: The more that people feel they can understand how your company works, how you treat people and why you make decisions, the more they will ‘get’ your brand. Your communications will feel transparent the more you embrace an open, access-all-areas way of talking that feels authentic and honest. Don’t be shy: tell people about all of the good things you do, no matter where they are from in the business. When in doubt, focus on the most interesting and easily communicable parts of the business that are most accessible to people.

Product Delivery


Product Delivery: Transparency in product delivery involves creating content about how your products are sourced as well as how shipping and handling fees are calculated and managed. Be open and upfront about your environmental impact, and if you make any big changes, consider telling people about it. It’s also important to look at your website or other eCommerce sites to determine whether your shipping and handling fees are obvious and have no hidden costs or add-ons!



Proposition: Your proposition lays out the core DNA of your brand. Consider how much your business can truly commit to being open, and in which areas, like your supply chain, your ingredients or your service. Take a step back and look at your category as a whole – are there any reasons why consumers don’t trust it? You could consider how you might build trust by tackling those issues head on. Once you’ve landed on your proposition, express it in an open, truthful way so people don’t think you’ve got anything to hide.


What is this Driver?

Popularity is all about the sense of buzz or cultural momentum around a brand. Human beings are social animals and we gravitate towards things we believe other people also like. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to be a big brand to score well on Popularity.


Brands That Do It Well

Popularity Brands

01 | Netflix

There are few brands which currently have more buzz around them than Netflix. It is the most popular and well-known streaming site available and has quickly become a term used in everyday conversation. Netflix has become a large part of our everyday lives in its ability to connect with its target market and drive communication.

02 | Glossier

Glossier is a well-liked beauty brand splattered across all digital media. They have captured the millennial market, and are endorsed by celebrities like Camila Mendes and Beyonce, skyrocketing the brand’s Popularity.

03 | Tinder

Tinder burst into the online dating market and has never looked back. This brand is responsible for driving conversations, connections and relationships amongst all social groups across the world.

Levers Which Build a Popular Brand:

Target Audience


Target Audience: Improving your brand’s Popularity can sometimes be done by altering your target audience and the way you communicate with them. Your brand first needs to clarify whether appealing to the masses will be most effective in generating a buzz, or whether you should be picking off particular segments with very targeted media and messaging. Influencer marketing and brand partnerships can also help drive Popularity.

Customer Experience


Customer Experience: Understanding the customer journey can help to identify various brand advocates and how their voices can be used to generate momentum. But you should differentiate between loyal customers and brand advocates as loyalty won’t always translate into endorsement. Your Customer Experience should encourage these brand advocates to easily share and interact with your content so that they can help towards building Popularity.



Distribution: Distribution plays a big role in building your brand’s Popularity. It’s important to identify which platforms and locations are going to generate the most impactful exposure, whether it be online stores, mass retailers or big grocery stores. Once location has been determined, the next step is to ensure maximum exposure to your audience through optimal shelf space and positioning. Generally, the more Popular a brand, the more space it commands at shelf.

Value for Money

What is this Driver?

Value for Money understands the extent to which people feel that your brand is worth the money that they are paying for it. It’s an understanding of worth. It’s not simply about price. A premium brand can still be regarded as good value for money; so long as their brand justifies its cost.


Brands That Do It Well

Value for Money Brands

01 | Samsung

Samsung is a well-known and trusted brand, specialising in various types of business, from electronics to insurance. People are happy to pay for their high end products because they are high quality and can be relied on.

02 | Casper

One of the original “Bed in a Box” mattress brands, Casper is so confident you’ll love your sleep after purchasing their mattress, they’ll give you 100 nights of sleep as a trial run, and a 10-year warranty. Their messaging is all about guaranteeing better sleep – which they believe can change the world.

03 | Burton’s Food

Burton’s Food is home to the UK’s most iconic biscuit brands. They are a household name and their mission is to provide great biscuits that people love. People buy into the value of the brand because of its heritage and positioning in the UK market.

Levers Which Build a Brand with Value for Money:



Packaging: Value for Money can be improved by making changes to packaging which make the product more attractive and feel more premium. Play on sensorial cues to make people feel that your product is worth more. Another way is to use packaging as a means of bringing the benefits and claims of a product to the fore. Make sure people see that you are special, that you are different, and make them want you. Emphasize all of your high points to make people feel that they would pay above the odds to have you.



Price: Price can be used to grow your Value for Money by balancing the cost-benefit for consumers. This should be done by ensuring the equation of what they pay versus what they get is always in their favor. By creating a strong and Seductive brand that draws consumers in, they are more likely to feel the value. Your price should be adjusted based on how indispensable consumers believe you are. Sometimes a slight decrease can help improve the Value for Money, or in some cases you may be able to increase your price while still maintaining it.



Promotion: Promotion can be used to drive Value for Money by lowering the price per unit in order to drive sales. This is an opportunity to capture consumers that were restricted by the cost, or potentially didn’t immediately have that cost-benefit equation in their favor. Making a good impression during promotional periods is important in gaining trial and future loyal consumers. Promoting your brand too often is a common mis-step, however, as this can sometimes have the opposite effect on your brand’s strength and lead to consumers only purchasing when you’re on discount. Plan your promotions carefully throughout the year to ensure you are still worth it when at full price.


What is this Driver?

This Driver is not going to shock you by changing its mind. It’s about reliability and being something your buyers can depend upon – every time – across all touchpoints. A brand that scores well on Consistency is not going to be a chameleon, it’s going to be who it is, everywhere.


Brands That Do It Well

Consistency Brands

01 | McDonald’s

All across the globe, McDonald’s ‘golden arches’ are instantly recognizable, and the brand provides a consistent customer experience, no matter where you are. You know you’ll never have to spend more than a few dollars to get a delicious, quick meal, and the cheeseburgers will taste exactly the same!

02 | Moleskine

While it’s not quite to the level of Google or Xerox, Moleskine is sometimes used synonymously with a high-quality leather bound notebook. For decades, Moleskine has consistently delivered well-made products that are regarded in the corporate world.

03 | Alpro

Boasting 40 years of plant-based dairy alternatives, Alpro are true pioneers. They’ve made it easy for everyone - no matter what dietary preference or restriction - to enjoy delicious, better-for-the-planet products.

Levers Which Build a Consistent Brand:

Product Delivery


Product Delivery: Increase Consistency by focusing specifically on the cadence in which your product is delivered, the quality of its arrival, or even through unchanging delivery fees. When your consumers shop online, they want assurance that your products will arrive quickly and efficiently. Ordering should always be easy – your products should never be difficult to obtain or fulfill. When it comes to product delivery, the costs need to be predictably reliable, meaning no hidden fees at checkout!

Customer Success


Customer Success: Customer Success can help you build your brand’s Consistency by developing a health scoring system for your customers. This involves elements like overall product usage, usage of your product’s stickiest features, customer service requests, and growth of the account over time. Start by outlining the scoring system and defining health shifts that signify important changes in customer relationships. Next, you can design the interventions you’d want to take in each circumstance. The best health scores are predictive, so you can swiftly respond appropriately when important health shifts arise.

Customer Experience


Customer Experience: In the context of the Customer Experience, Consistency is about making sure that all touchpoints build and reinforce what customers know to be true about your brand. This includes the visual elements of your brand, but also consider your tone of voice, key messages, channels, people, and format. Beware that internal organizational changes could leave your customer experience disjointed, so make sure your teams are aligned. This is also true for key brand initiatives, so it’s best to keep a close watch on things like new product launches or brand refreshes.


What is this Driver?

This Driver is all about your brand’s ease of use, and how hard your brand is working to ensure accessibility across all touch points. It covers the whole customer journey – so map it out and ask the question: how easy to use is your brand?


Brands That Do It Well

Accessibility Brands

01 | Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, providing thousands of options with the click of a mouse. They have made it easy for you to get any product you could want straight to your home. From browsing, to ordering to making that final payment, you can’t find another brand that’s easier to use than Amazon.

02 | ollie

ollie is a fully customisable subscription box for dog food. Tailored to your dog’s needs, owners receive a new box every two weeks straight to their door, just when they need it. No more last-minute rushes to the store and having to lug around heavy food bags.

03 | Push Doctor

Through Push Doctor, patients can get the majority of treatment they’d expect from a GP, whenever they need it, no matter where they are. Everything is done conveniently through video call, in the comfort of your own home.

Levers Which Build an Accessible Brand:

Customer Service


Customer Service: Make sure your brand consistently makes your customers’ lives more simple. Avoid opaque cancellation processes and be quick to refund customers to offer them a seamless experience. Customers are much more likely to talk about a bad exchange with customer service than a positive one. This can be damaging. Sending emails/notifications with expected waiting times on challenging queries can help manage customer expectations and prevent negative perceptions. For simpler queries, a well-publicised and thoughtful FAQ section in your webpage can minimise in-bound queries and speed up overall query processing times.

Customer Experience


Customer Experience: Nowadays customers want to engage with brands through the medium they are most comfortable in. For many customers, their preferred medium varies multiple times every day. Ensure your brand offers customers a way to access your products both digitally and physically. On top of ensuring they receive a consistent experience across all channels, ensure your digital interfaces are easy to navigate and browse. Where complexity cannot be avoided, embed tips and ‘information’ buttons that guide your customers.


What is this Driver?

Familiarity can sometimes be confused with Popularity, but they are quite distinct. Familiarity is all about consumers, themselves while Popularity is about everyone else. Familiarity is how much people feel they know your brand. It is not awareness – but refers to the depth of knowledge people feel they have about your brand.


Brands That Do It Well

Familiarity Brands

01 | Instagram

Instagram is omnipresent; used by over 1 billion people worldwide to connect with their favourite brands and loved ones. It is the leading channel used by businesses and people, to exchange updates on their latest events and news. The simplicity of the tool makes it very familiar to most people.

02 | 1800Flowers

1800Flowers has supplied flowers for all occasions (weddings, funerals, corporate events and intimate celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries) since the 1980s. Its heritage has given the brand broad reach and high touch with consumers. For many, 1800Flowers have become synonymous with the speedy delivery of bespoke flower arrangements.

03 | KP snacks

Most people will know a thing or two about many of the delicious snacks in the KP Snacks brand family. Their treats are made for all occasions and age groups, making it a staple in settings ranging from school playgrounds to adult social gatherings.

Levers Which Build a Familiar Brand:



Communication: Often the most effective way to get consumers to know your brand is to draw attention to the key benefits your product brings. This can be done in a few ways. One is Point of Sale messaging. It can be particularly effective at drawing attention to your product when your customer is already in a buying mindset. Another is running an effective promo campaign centered around your product’s benefits in a media outlet which is popular with your customer base. Lastly, influencer marketing can be an expensive, but effective way to show your product in action and the benefits it generates.

Customer Success


Customer Success: Products that are clearly anchored to outcomes that matter to customers are better able to build a rapport with people. This involves conducting customer research to explore what your customers are trying to achieve by buying your product: is it to impress somebody or is it to make their lives less stressful? These customer outcomes have to be separated from the outcomes you, as a brand, wish to achieve. Once this is clear, build your Familiarity by simply framing your product features in a way that aligns with your customers’ outcomes.



Promotion: Free trials and samples can be the easiest way to drive usage and widespread Familiarity of your product. It also lowers the barriers to consumption by people who would otherwise not feel comfortable enough to try your product initially. Promotion can be helpful to build a deeper level understanding of your brand and to reverse any misconceptions of your product’s benefits and values.

Driver Dictionary

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