Prove how Marketing drives profits not losses to any CFO

Even in the most functional of businesses, it’s rare to find a CMO and a CFO who will see eye to eye on everything.

In our latest ebook, we’ll explore the dynamics between the CFO and CMO to help your business make the most out of this potentially lucrative partnership.

By proving your marketing ventures are driving profits not loss, you’ll be able to convince your CFO of Marketing's position as a growth center instead of a cost center.



Positioning Marketing as a growth engine.

The relationship between marketing and finance is an interesting one. Traditionally, marketers have been seen as the ‘impulsive’ ones, reacting quickly, based on gut and intuition. Whereas financiers have a reputation of stability and caution.

If you want to learn how to position yourself to your CFO, download now.

We’ll be looking into:

  • The role of the CFO and how it’s evolved to fit modern consumer needs
  • Speaking a CFOs language to boost collaboration between functions
  • The importance of a compelling brand story
  • How technology is changing the game for marketers and financiers, alike.