Why are these brands winning at Attraction?

Posted on February 10, 2022

Updated on March 13, 2023

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“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” - Seth Godin


We all live our lives surrounded by brands – from the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the technology we buy, and the celebrities we follow – everything...and everyone is a brand.


In today’s societies, the fight to grab peoples’ attention is on, and a host of similar brands are constantly competing for the same top spot in their customers’ lives.


So, what is it that ultimately makes us choose one brand over another?


At ProQuo AI, we’ve determined there are 16 universal factors that help brands to form strong relationships with their customers. We call these the 16 Drivers of Relationships, and they range from Accessibility – how easy people think your products are to use – to Empathy – the extent to which your customers feel you understand their wants and needs. These Drivers can give you a deeper understanding of what’s motivating your customers to buy.


The Attraction Driver is what we will be focusing on here, as Attractive brands hold immense power over their audiences, seducing customers into buying through  strong and appealing visual identities and enticing product offerings.


In this blog, we use ProQuo AI’s real-time analysis to uncover this year’s top scorers in the Attraction Driver. To find out which brands are the most Attractive and why, keep reading.


A quick snapshot into our Attraction Index


Our Attraction Index ranks the top 100 brands that have scored the highest in Attraction in both the US and UK.


In the US, we found the highest scorers leant into the women’s fashion world, with Kate Spade and Tiffany & Co coming out strong. In the UK, it was the deliciously seductive category of chocolate that emerged victorious, with brands like Maltesers, Cadbury, and Terry’s Chocolate Orange ranking the highest.

But who would have expected a brand like JIF peanut butter to outpace them all, occupying the winning position in the US Index?


Let’s take a closer look to uncover the strategies behind this success.


Women’s fashion seizes the day in the US


Kate Spade’s 2021 Autumn campaign paid homage to their hometown, New York. The brand created a year-long love letter to New York - using a cast of talented city-based dancers who moved through the streets of New York to a modern version of the classic tune, ‘Downtown’.


The objective of the campaign was to inject vibrancy and soul back into the streets of New York, which had emptied out during the pandemic. The brand used a combination of bright colors, beautiful clothing, and vibrant dance moves to boost their Attraction. And it definitely worked, catapulting Spade into the third position in our US Index.


Kate Spade focused on a digital and Above The Line Media campaign to communicate their Attraction to their audience. Tiffany & Co. went down a different route, focusing on Partnerships to appeal to the masses. The brand launched an ‘About Love’ campaign, choosing to feature celebrity icons, Beyoncé and Jay-Z.


“As a brand that has always stood for love, strength and self-expression, we could not think of a more iconic couple that better represents Tiffany’s values” - Tiffany & Co.


As well as generating hype for the brand, the decision to feature such a universally beloved couple helped to bolster the Attraction of the brand, getting them to second space on the Index. By including these A-listers, Tiffany & Co. has moved their brand beyond its traditional following, appealing to a younger and more broad audience.




And an unexpected contender takes the win


Peanut butter brand, Jif, took home the crown for this year’s Attraction Index.


As a hugely traditional brand, no one would have expected Jif to partner up with Hip Hop sensation, Ludacris.


Jif’s nostalgic and iconic packaging contrasts so well with Ludacris’s younger, fresher vibe. The Partnership is a collision between old and new - heritage meets modernism. And it clearly hit the spot for Jif’s consumers, helping the brand to bag the top prize in Attraction.




For the love of Chocolate


In the UK, the hearts of consumers were won through chocolate.


In third place, was Terry’s Chocolate Orange, who paired up with household name, Heinz, to create something completely new. Their product, Heinz (Seriously) Good Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mayonnaise, shocked consumers and helped Terry’s to reach global acclaim. Here, the brand boosted Attraction by creating a product that didn’t take itself too seriously - something fun, unique and easily memorable.


In second place came Cadbury who shocked audiences with a candid and public apology. Alongside the launch of their first dairy-free chocolate bar, the brand issued an apology, ““We’re just sorry it wasn’t a bit sooner.” In a letter, they explained the reason for their tardiness, as the brand had wanted to perfect the recipe before launching the product. This uniquely open response helped to drive Cadbury’s attraction, as people saw a more empathetic and honest side to the brand.



And last but not least


Maltesers are a fan favorite in the UK, so it’s no surprise they hit the top spot in our UK Index.


When taking a look back at the brand’s activities in 2021, their care for community is evident.


One of their latest campaigns focused on maternal mental health, aiming to unite people through the power of laughter. The campaign was launched in 2021, across Above The Line media and socials, with assets that were inspired by conversations with real mothers, who had experienced both the light and the dark side of new motherhood. This campaign aimed to highlight the fact that new mothers experience highs as well as lows.


Maltesers have normalized the challenges new mothers face. This is particularly empowering when recognizing how underrepresented this topic is within traditional media outlets and is a clear reason why Maltesers are excelling in Attraction this year. By providing new mothers with comfort in a time of extreme vulnerability, they have risen to the top of our list.


How can you boost your brand’s Attraction?


These brands have used different approaches to boost their Attraction, but each has been equally successful.


To grow your brand’s Attraction, why not consider taking a leaf out of their book, using Partnerships to generate hype, Communications to show you understand and connect with your audience, or unexpected activations to surprise and seduce your consumers.

To find out who else made our top 100 list of 2022’s most Attractive brands, click here for US or here for UK.



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