Your Essential Guide to Creative Optimization

Posted on November 11, 2020

Updated on March 13, 2023

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For challenger brands with limited budgets, when it comes to any marketing activity – whether it’s a boosted post on Instagram or a whole packaging refresh – understanding that every dollar invested is pulling your brand in the right direction is crucial.

Ensuring your marketing spend is working as hard as you are is vital to any brand’s success.That’s why ProQuo AI has created an essential guide to show you the steps to take which will guarantee you don’t waste another marketing dollar on your campaigns.

We’ll walk you through the milestones of planning, ideating, creating, launching and optimizing an effective campaign which meets your marketing goals, and delivers the hard commercial results you’re looking for.



The first step is to develop a killer creative brief

A creative brief serves as a blueprint for any in-house creative team or agency. It outlines the purpose of the project helps guide creative direction aligned to the brand’s overall strategy. The key to a creative brief is that it should be exactly that – brief, but despite its single-minded narrative, it should masterfully capture the challenge the brand is solving and uncover the channels, message and audience it will do this through.

The next step is to optimize your creative before it goes live

And that means continually referencing your initial brief: what was your campaign’s goal and the overall objectives you set? What was the key message and how is it being communicated, creatively? To ensure whatever you’re developing is aligned to your overall strategy, and actually delivering upon the results you set out to achieve, you need to optimize and iterate the creative assets along the journey from ideation through to production. This means placing them in front of real people from your target audience, and understanding whether your assets are shifting the way people feel and think about you int he right direction.

The final step is to monitor and optimize your creative, live.

This is where the fun begins. Monitoring campaign performance in real-time is game-changing; it enables brand managers to keep their finger on the pulse of the instant impact of their campaign against the key performance indicators they set in the planning phase – and to see what’s working and what isn’t.

By laying down your smart and strategic thinking in a creative brief, then optimizing and sharpening the creative assets along the development process, you will be able to ensure the communication you launch into market is the best it can possibly be. And through constant monitoring once it’s live, you will be able to course-correct the direction your campaign is taking by fine-tuning assets or adjusting your media spend, in real-time.

Download our guide to ensure you never waste another marketing dollar.


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