ProQuo AI Partners with The Copy Club

Posted on September 1, 2020

Updated on March 10, 2023

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proquo x The Copy Club announcement

ProQuo x The Copy Club: Challenger brands are about to get even bigger. Even faster.

ProQuo AI, the always-on Brand Management platform built exclusively to help Challenger Brands grow, has just announced its partnership with London’s largest network of entrepreneurial brands, The Copy Club, as of 1 September 2020.

The Copy Club, started seven years ago by Founder, Lottie Unwin, is a community of like-minded marketeers who learn from each other by sharing ideas, inspiration and recommendations for growth. It now has more than 2700 members and continues to be committed to the key principles of mutual learning, through sharing knowledge, expertise and experience, and through training and development.

The collaboration sets the foundations for the sharing of expertise in Challenger Brand management with its members. ProQuo AI’s goal is to help every Challenger Brand grow, and being part of The Copy Club community will enable the team to directly help guide each and every member to make this a reality.

The ProQuo AI Brand Management platform helps Challenger Brands manage their brands more efficiently and effectively. Powered by AI, the ProQuo platform gives brands a holistic look at what people feel and think about brands and what actions they need to take, daily, to grow.

The platform super-charges brand managers, allowing them to reach their goals of taking their brand to the next level. As Lottie Unwin, the Founder of The Copy Club, says:

“ProQuo AI is helping our community get bigger, faster. We believe no brand should be limited by their size, so ProQuo AI are helping them get access to all the data they need to perfect their brand management.”

As part of their commitment to the partnership, ProQuo AI will be partnering with The Copy Club on a series of webinars over the coming months, covering topics which are specifically focused on helping Challenger Brands gain market share. These will include how to build an unforgettable brand from the ground up, how to develop a long-term brand strategy, and how to craft the kinds of trade stories which make buyers lean in, and listen.

On top of the monthly webinars, the partnership will also feature a series of round table events directly showcasing brands who have utilised ProQuo AI to grow. In these sessions, ProQuo AI customers will explain first-hand how they’re building their own unique brand live, all via the always-on brand management platform.

“ProQuo is all about 'give and take' and knowing that the best relationships we have are where we feel we get more than we have to give” stated Nadim Sadek, Founder & CEO of ProQuo AI. “That's what it's felt like with The Copy Club. It was founded on the importance of sharing knowledge and helping each other out. They have built a genuine community of marketeers, who are passionate about what they do and who share and integrate their experiences and knowledge. Becoming a partner of The Copy Club is therefore spiritually right for us, as we endeavour to make marketing ever more efficient and effective in achieving growth, and it's also a real pleasure to deal with people who are, simply, fabulous.”

The Copy Club operates on a tithe principle, whereby 10% of everything they earn goes to help others learn. They support Manzil, a non-profit, youth-led learning centre in Delhi which provides a supportive community and the necessary resources for students to empower themselves and one another through learning, teaching, creativity.

The partnership between ProQuo AI and The Copy Club is a key step forward for both organisations and is one to further transform the future of brand management.

Brands wishing to join the ProQuo AI platform as part of The Copy Club collaboration will receive free prompted and unprompted Brand Awareness Tracking.

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