Ups and Downs: How are Brands Handling COVID-19?

Posted on May 6, 2020

Updated on October 26, 2020

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How are Brands Handling COVID-19?

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has disrupted the market, forcing brands to adjust to customers who are stuck inside, limited in shopping options, and in a completely different mindset.

In order to help brands to pivot during this crisis, ProQuo AI conducted a study to highlight how people’s feelings have changed during this time, comparing people’s perceptions of brands before and after the pandemic hit.

Take a look at our main findings:

Covid Impact
Private healthcare brands at the core of the commotion
While cities like London and New York continue to applaud our heroes on the front lines of this health crisis, one area that they don’t have sympathy for is private healthcare.

The effects of social distancing on social network brands
Unsurprisingly, social media networks have been central to people in quarantine. Helping boost human interactions digitally has been a godsend during this time, and it’s reflected in how they’re viewing social networking brands.

Entertainment’s move from the bar to the living room
As bars closed, people turned to different forms of entertainment to keep them entertained. And brands that were traditionally geared towards social gatherings pivoted to an audience of people stuck in the house together.

The grocery brands winning amidst a shopping panic
People stockpiling groceries and household products turned flour into a memory and toilet paper into a meme. However, the run on grocery stores presented an opportunity for challenger brands to stand out among the usual competition.

Our ProQuo AI Brand Management platform keeps tabs on how people feel about brands, daily. And our AI-powered guidance tells brand owners what they need to do to fix their perceived weaknesses or build on their strengths.

This study has driven our full COVID-19 Brand Impact Report, which goes into each of these sections in extreme detail. 

Discover how brands are reacting to COVID-19 – and how people, in turn, react to them. Download the full report to learn more!

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