Brand Reputation Spotlight: Vegan Brands We Love

Posted on June 5, 2020

Updated on October 26, 2020

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Brand Reputation Spotlight: Vegan Brands We Love

Vegan brands are on the upswing – and it’s not hard to see why. Whether you’re accommodating allergies, being mindful of animals, or just like a good product, there are plenty of options for you on the vegan market. Let’s take a look at a few that have an excellent brand reputation and explore why people love them – through our ProQuo AI 16 Drivers.

Meat Alternative

Did you know that during and since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a surge of people buying meat-alternative brands? This is not only because of limitations of meatpacking plants due to the pandemic; there’s a reason they’re reaching for “chik’n” nuggets instead of opting for tofu. Brands in this space are meeting the needs of consumers at this time.

Well-known meat alternative brand MorningStar is one of the most easily available vegan brands in the supermarket. From “chik’n” nuggets to their latest “cheezburger,” they are known to taste great, and would score highly in Performance. Vegan shoppers also feel that a brand’s Integrity is important to them when deciding which brands to interact with. MorningStar, which started as a vegetarian company, has pledged to go full vegan by 2021 – a clear display of a brand that has principles and is open about its mission.



Oat, coconut, almond, soy – if you’re lactose intolerant these days, you’ve got options. And it doesn’t stop at just milk. Vegan brands are getting creative and offering consumers new, innovative ways to substitute brands that they can no longer have – like cheese.

Why vegans shouldn't boycott Daiya cheese - The Vegan Strategist
While vegan cheese has a rough history of not-being-able-to-melt problems, no other brand comes as highly recommended as Daiya. Daiya cracked the code on melting vegan cheese, and the vegan world rejoices. Daiya would score high on Performance (taste), which is the most important Driver to Vegan shoppers in this category, as well as Innovation (it’s one of the few brands to offer a melting cheese), and Relevance, which is any brand that meets needs and wants. What’s more important than providing vegans with cheese?

Learn more about what consumers love about vegan brands in “How to Win the Vegan Shopper.”


Vegan Makeup

Hardcore vegans are apt to apply their values on all of their lifestyle supplies – and makeup is one of them. As with vegan food, however, vegan makeup doesn’t just apply to those conscious of animals (though I’m sure that’s a big bonus!); vegan makeup is an industry response to a market that was previously clogged with a lot of synthetic materials. The vegan response is to keep products natural, only using ingredients that are familiar and safe.

Milk Makeup (@milkmakeup) | Twitter

One of these brands is the (somewhat ironically named) Milk Makeup. Milk Makeup went full vegan in 2018 and never looked back. They’re an excellent example of both Integrity (emphasizing their own mission and values) and Attraction (a brand that offers something appealing, that looks good). Their trendy makeup and skincare products have already made a splash across vegan-agnostic markets as well.


Household Cleaning

Much in line with vegan makeup lines, vegan household cleaning products have come about in response to growing awareness of the harmful chemicals frequently used in everyday cleaning solutions. By keeping products natural, they keep home spaces safer.

Mrs. Meyers | Ace Hardware of Carbondale
Take Mrs. Meyer's. A now-notoriously well known cleaning brand, Mrs. Meyer's relies on natural ingredients and essential oils to clean away dirt and grime extremely well. Top Drivers for Mrs. Meyer's would be Performance (ability to clean) and Integrity.

Looking to learn more about the best vegan brands on the market and how they relate to consumers’ thoughts and feelings? In our study How to Win the Vegan Shopper, we looked at 15 Vegan brands across five different categories, including Meat Replacement, gathering the feelings and thoughts of Vegan consumers towards the brands. By uncovering what’s important to them in these categories, we painted a very clear picture of what’s driving each of them. Check it out!

Download our vegan study.

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