Bloom & Wild Takes a Stand Against Roses this Valentine's

Posted on February 11, 2021

Updated on February 17, 2021

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Flowers have been used by humans to communicate with each other for centuries, symbolizing love, hope, loss and friendship.

They are a form of human connection and expression, and Bloom & Wild is a brand that burst onto the scene bringing a fresh and innovative approach to flower-gifting. 

Founded in 2013, the UK-based brand entered the commercial flower delivery category and shook things up - through technology and an innovative approach to product delivery.

The brand used a combination of creative thinking and smart technology to create a unique packaging design that made the experience of receiving flowers easier. Turning the flower delivery process on its headthe introduction of Letterbox Flowers meant a bouquet could be conveniently pushed through the letterbox without anyone needing to be at home.

A simple, faff-free solution to the problem of needing to give and receive flowers in person or by-hand.

Focusing on the impact the flower industry has on the planet, it's now a fully-fledged mission of the brand to ensure everything that's done, is done sustainably. They have pledged to ensure all their packaging is 100% recyclable by the end of this year, and include tips on their website on how to press or dry old flowers to avoid sending them to landfill.

Bloom & Wild are not afraid to take a stand, making a splash with their recent campaign centred on decision not to sell red roses this Valentine’s Day. Love, according to the 'Care Wildly' campaign, is a lot more colourful and complex - in all its forms - to be reduced to the cliche of a dozen red roses. By remaining acutely attuned to their customers' needs and motivations, Bloom & Wild have created a campaign that's bold, risky and completely resonated with their customers, creating ripples amongst the brand's audiences.


Looking at the strengths of Bloom & Wild through our 16 Driver Framework, the brand has gone to major efforts to ramp up its Integrity and Empathy by forgoing potentially massive sales on Valentine’s Day by taking a stand against red roses: a bold sacrifice during a pandemic. This single action has engrained the brand's beliefs in the minds of its customers, and helps cement Bloom & Wild’s bold, brave and differentiated personality.


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