Go Beyond Brand Tracking: The Power of Always On

Posted on June 19, 2020

Updated on October 26, 2020

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proquo ai brand tracking platform dashboard

Historically, accessing information on your brand performance is a hassle. It takes forever and yields results that can be weeks – if not months – old. The trouble is: the modern world can no longer wait for research that is old, which surrounds a campaign, event, or product launch that ran months ago. In fact, these days a casual glance at social media can give you more answers than traditional research can – and faster.

There are two problems with using outdated methodologies in a modern context: time and competition.

Information today travels at a moment’s notice, and it has never been more important for your brand to nail every action, to check response to every campaign, and to truly understand your customers. Time is money – the longer it takes for your brand to play catch-up with the needs of your target market, the more likely you are to fall behind your competitors.

Companies have gotten wise to the power of branding, and competition is fierce in today’s marketplace. Commodities are being transformed into brands, driven by easier access to packaging, slick websites, and streamlined delivery processes. Making sure that your brand efforts are truly helping your business break through the noise to reach customers is crucial to your overall survival.

So what’s the solution?

A brand management platform that’s always on.

proquo ai Brand Management platform screen

What does “always on” mean? Imagine getting an understanding of where your brand stands every day instead of once or twice a year. If the brand management platform is always on, people’s feelings and thoughts towards your brand are gathered each day, so that you’re always working with the most up-to-date data for making decisions on your brand.

For example, say that you’re a soap company and you’re running a marketing campaign featuring a new fragrance. Instead of going the old route and learning how the campaign went after it’s been long done, you can immediately see its impact as it runs. You’ll see feedback from people on how the ad impacted their purchase decisions, if they went for the new fragrance, and what drove their overall impression of your brand. The results can help you build a strong case to retail buyers for more share of shelf, attract more investors, and more.

With ProQuo AI, this is the information that you can have access to. Our brand management platform is always on, giving you the latest intelligence on how people feel and think about your brand. Our LIVE Summary Dashboard gives you a simple, everyday picture of where your brand stands versus your competition. And you can even use features like our Campaign Tracker to make note of important dates and how your brand’s score changed. Our dashboard also keeps a live running tally of the people we’ve gathered data from today, this month, and all-time, ensuring that everything you need to know about your brand is as up to date as possible.

ProQuo AI even goes one step further: offering guidance on what to do with the intelligence that you have. More than just fodder for reports and updates, you’ll have an idea of what kind of action to take with our AI-driven guidance. Take your category and your competition by storm with everything that you need to succeed.

Interested in seeing how our platform works? Take a spin in our live demo!

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